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Birthdate:Nov 5
Posner is, in his own words, small, Jewish, and homosexual. (Also, living in Sheffield, and therefore, fucked.) He’s spent the last year studying for the entrance examination to Oxford. He’s also just realized he’s gay and is trying to come to terms with that. He’s had a crush on one of his classmates for years, and though he knows nothing will ever come of it, he still pines after him.

At the end of this last term, he, along with all the other boys in his class, received a place at the university of their choice (in Posner’s case, Oxford), and after the celebration, his favorite teacher, Hector, was in a motorcycle accident and died. Eventually, Posner will find himself following in Hector’s footsteps, becoming a teacher with vague longing for his students, though he will never give into those longings the way Hector did.

Posner is the youngest boy in his class, and he takes the constant teasing about just hitting puberty with grace and wit. He enjoys Hector’s classes for their silliness, and is not opposed to getting up in front of the others and serenading them with old musical standards or acting out love scenes from classic movies. He’s open about his affections for Dakin, one of the other boys, but he doesn’t equate this with being homosexual until his last term. When he does, he goes to Irwin, his newest teacher whom Posner suspects is also gay, to discuss the revelation. He’s pessimistic about his sexuality, certain he’ll never have a fulfilling life as a homosexual.

Posner is friendly to his classmates, though reserved. He has a very dry sense of humor and only smiles rarely, though he often seems to be enjoying himself.

A quick note about icons: It's incredibly difficult to find icons of Samuel Barnett, in or out of The History Boys. Because of this, nearly all of his icons show him in his school uniform, which he...doesn't actually wear anymore in any of his games. (He may pull out a suit and tie in Milliways on special Oxford occasions, but that's about it.) So please assume that even though his icons show him in a shirt and tie, he's not actually wearing them. In Milliways, he's probably in khakis or courderoys and a button-up shirt, probably in muted blues and browns. In Kon Ran, given that he's working with Jason's wardrobe, he's usually in very well-fitting trousers and jewel-toned button-up shirts, possibly with a waistcoat and/or tie.

In Milliways: Posner is 18, he came into the bar at the beginning of his final term where he was preparing to take the entrance exam to Oxford. He looks a bit younger than he is and always has, so he's used to people thinking he's younger than he is and to being treated as though he is even by those who know better. His long-standing crush on Dakin (one of his classmates) has recently been requited, and he's currently balancing his life between work, getting ready for Oxford, and figuring out how exactly to date someone he's known most of his life without having to tell his parents. Milliways helps with that. A lot.

Older!verse: Post-canon. David finished his history/literature degree at Oxford and went into teaching. He's become something of a more modern, slightly less sad version of Hector. He teaches his boys the songs and has them try their endings on him. (It took him several years to be as good as Hector was at never being stumped, but now the kitty almost always goes to him.) He teaches literature and drama and does a wonderful school play. He's not happy, but he's not unhappy about it.

David Posner is from The History Boys, and is the property of Alan Bennett and Fox Searchlight Pictures. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar and [info]microcosm_rp, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. Samuel Barnett and Rupert Penry-Jones belong only to themselves. No disrespect is intended. Mun and muse are both over 18.

Posner-mun=[info]skidmo [personal profile] skidmo on DW, and skidmo on Plurk.
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