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Dec. 2nd, 2013 10:10 pm
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Jun. 1st, 2013 05:22 pm
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Posner was supposed to be meeting Scripps for drinks after their lectures this evening, but Scripps had called to cancel last minute as he wasn't finished with his readings for his tutorial yet. Posner almost just stayed in the dorm, but he'd done that pretty much every night this week, and he was starting to feel rather pathetic about it.

So he leaves anyway and heads for the pub where he was meant to meet Scripps. Sliding on to a stool at the counter, he nods to the bartender and orders a pint.
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Posner can't believe that it's actually here. He can't believe he's finally leaving home (with Dakin) and moving out (with Dakin) and starting at Oxford (with Dakin). He's got all his essentials packed into a trunk and a suitcase, and it feels like too little to encompass his life so far, but it also feels appropriate to be starting a new life without any of the encumbrances of the old.

On the platform, he kisses his mum and hugs his dad and shakes his uncle's hand, and he tries not to look at the tears his mum is holding back, and he tries not to let his own fall. It isn't sad, not really. It's only...a bit frightening.

So he kisses his mum once more, and he lets her fix his hair, and he hugs his dad again, and then he takes a deep breath and lugs his trunk and his suitcase and his whole life onto the train and moves to find a seat by the window so he can wave them off they can wave him off.

And he doesn't sing Gracie Fields this time, but he wants to.
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David is doing fairly well with most of his classes. He thinks he's got the hang of the school system now, though it had been difficult at first.

He's still struggling with art, though that wasn't really a surprise. He's not even sure why he took it other than that it would look good on an application. Still, he's determined to do his best. He makes his way down to the art room and stops in the doorway.

"Mr. Keegan?"
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First semester, David is taking:

British Lit
French 4
American History
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David has never really thought about doing this sort of thing before. It seems like such a different world to what he's used to. Still, it's something gay boys his age are meant to do from what he's gathered, so he supposes he ought to as well.

After his last class on a Friday, he heads up to his room to change into something...slightly more appropriate and then goes to Blaine's room to meet up with him, knocking lightly on the door.
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Posner keeps hold of Dakin's hand as he tugs him into the room, taking a moment to look around. Bar did not disappoint. The room is decorated in deep reds, silk bedclothes. The bed is not heart-shaped, but there is a bottle of champagne chilling on the nightstand.
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Jason and Heidi had been slowly moving things into the apartment over the past few days, and they were on the last few loads of boxes. Heidi's organizing and moving things around to make space for the next load, so Jason decides to get a little fresh air and cool off a bit.
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David's time in Sheffield was about what he was expecting. He spent much of his time at home. His mother fussed over him. And he got together with the other boys from Cutlers once for drinks. Most of the time, he was just looking forward to his trip to Paris. (Something that his parents were not entirely happy about.)

By the time he was headed to Paris, it was Christmas Eve. He took the train in from London and then rode the Metro as close to Blaine's hotel as he could and then found his way by foot the rest of the way. It was around five by the time he was knocking on Blaine's door.
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Posner's hands are a bit full when they reach the room, what with still lugging around the box of dusty books. "Would you?" he asks, handing Dakin the key.
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In their last year at Oxford, as their exams once again start to creep up on them, the Cutlers' boys have had to make more of an effort to stay in touch.

Well, most of them. David hasn't spoken to Dakin since running into him at a Sainsbury's back in Sheffield over the summer. Scripps and Akthar, though, he still keeps in touch with. (And they all still seem to fall back on surnames when they're together. David becomes Posner again, or Pos. Scripps and Akthar are Scripps and Akthar rather than Don or Adil.)

But they do make the effort, which is the important part. Today, they've been out doing their holiday shopping. Or Scripps is doing his holiday shopping. David and Akthar are going along for the ride. David does look a bit for Hanukkah presents for his parents and his uncle, but he's finished most of his shopping for them already.

When they've finished, they stop by a coffee shop for drinks and then David suggests a walk by the river, which is how they end up in the park, not exactly feeding the ducks, but occasionally throwing them bits of scone or muffin.
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David is finding a rhythm with his lectures and his readings and his essays. He thinks. So he decides it would be safe enough to get involved in some sort of society. Scripps has been asking him about what he does outside of school, and he wants to have an answer other than, "Revising."

There's a theatrical society at Magdalen, and they're having a recruitment meeting for anyone interested in joining. He'd thought about trying to get Akthar to come with, but then he decided that Blaine would be better for that, so he asked the other boy to join him. And now he's knocking on Blaine's door to see if he's ready to head out to the meeting.
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Saturday morning, David knocks on Blaine's door early but not too early. He wants to make it to the dining hall before they stop serving breakfast, but he doesn't want to disturb Blaine if he wants a lie in.
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The summer had been a bit hectic. It had been filled mostly with work and getting ready for Oxford and dealing with losing Hector. It was odd not to be around the other boys all the time and to know that he wasn't going to see all of them again in September.

By the time he was actually moving in, it hardly seemed real. His parents had come down to help him move everything in, including the brand-new typewriter they'd bought him to celebrate his scholarship. They'd left him to go check into their hotel, planning on staying the night in Oxford, meeting him for breakfast the next day and heading back to Sheffield after that.

He's just taking his last few boxes down the hall to unload them in his room.
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It feels odd, putting on the uniform he thought he'd taken off for the last time. Odd to know that this is it. This is the end of Hector's boys. The end of Cutlers. The last time they'll all be together as schoolmates.

Following Scripps into the auditorium, he has the odd feeling that this is just another assembly, just the beginning of another school term. It's only Scripps' wistful smile as he turns back to Posner that lets him know this is at all different.

That and Irwin slowly making his way to his seat, encumbered by crutches.

They slide into two empty seats with the rest of the boys, all of them looking oddly subdued, Lockwood even having foregone his badges for the solemnity the occasion required.
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When he looks back on the moment, Posner realizes he should have known.

He'd been too happy for too long--even if "too long" was only a few days--for something not to come along and ruin it all. He doesn't believe in karma, but he does believe in balance, and he supposes there'd been too much happiness for them all not to have this to balance it out.

He's only been home from school a few hours, sat through his awkwardly formal family dinner--his mother broke out the fine china, served a bottle of wine she's been saving for something like this--and the phone rang again.

It was Scripps. "Dakin told me. He had it from Fiona. Pos it's..." His voice breaks, and Posner can't remember the last time he heard Scripps cry. "There's been an accident. Hector. That bloody motorbike."

It must be bad, Posner thinks, if Scripps can't make it sound poetic.

And he knows. Scripps hasn't said anything real yet, but he knows anyway. What else could it be.

"Blackbird," Posner says quietly.


"We'll have to do Blackbird. At the memorial."

There's a long pause on the other end. "Yes, I suppose we will. I'll let the others know."

Posner's hand is steady as he sets the handset back into the cradle. He feels nothing. He has no words, no emotions, nothing to make this real.

He forgot to ask if Irwin was all right.
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